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Composer Status Update

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Performed just a little research this week on materials – specifically, looking over a compositional design I had created a while back and contemplating how an architecture might embrace it.  Also, did a survey on what I have in the electronic kits I own…looking for some prototypes of sonic materials that I think may be relevant for this new work.  I’m still undecided on what instruments I should work with here, and very undecided about electronics – whether they should be passive or active, where, or if at all.  So, there are still a number of critical choices that I need to make before I commit to it with heart.  I keep bouncing around with the instrumentals – first thought it was just a piano or two keyboard like instruments (such as a vibraphone).  Now thinking a piano quintet might do it.  I still am pursuing the neutrality of a group of instruments rather than the perfunctory of going down a soloist path again.

The materials though seem to be workable.  Rhythmically, I’m unsure on something more closed or more open or both.

photo by: nickton

Composer Status Update

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Creative Commons License photo credit: WindwalkerNld

A musical technical week continued  as I continued  my foray of midi edits to attempt to breath some life into these samples.  This course not only meant editing the expression controller commands, but also cutting down some of the solo instrument enhancements that I originally added to give it a breath of realism. Bow changes were coming out of the mix that would not normally be there.  After getting 1/2 the work completed (my original target), I worked on EQing some of the residual frequencies out of some of the instruments – both solo and sections.  Sub-tones do appear in these samples, due to bowing and other small nuances of playing.   Then I routed some of the signal of each instrument into a reverb to give it space and depth. (more…)

Composer Status Update

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Winter sunray
Creative Commons License photo credit: DavyLandman

A microsurgery time this last week as I set out on the path of orchestrating the design I have.  I am barely 1/3 the way through.  Why is it taking so long?  Well, what I didn’t tell you is that I’m also rendering a MIDI prototype at the same time with one of my orchestral sample libraries.  Purists would sniff and say it would never sound like that in a live setting, and that it shouldn’t be done.  The argument away from that stand is that orchestral prototyping is indeed useful for understanding how the dynamics work  with instruments and how these markings should be incorporated into a score. Crescendos, decrescendos, forte, piano in combinations or non-combinations can tell you a lot.  It won’t tell you everything, and it can indeed be misleading if you aren’t experienced, but it still can be useful if you do understand what it can and cannot provide. (more…)